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My best friends are the best best friends in all of best friend town.

A lengthily post in which Jack O’Keeffe talks about his history with Religion.

Isn’t He Sweet is blogged in front of a live studio audience

I was raised Catholic. Both sides of my family were Catholic (or at least Irish). Baptized, First Communion, whole deal. My grandmother on my Mom’s side especially. She went to mass every sunday and put my mother and uncles through 12 years of Sunday School. Hell, I went to visit her a year ago and she had a bottle of Holy Water she used to baptize me. (I suspect it’s because my grandmother is actually a Vampire Slayer, but I digress). I grew up learning a lot of my morals through VeggieTales, which to this day remains the only form of entertainment with the adjective “Christian” preceding it that I allow to be discussed without judging whoever claims it has importance. 

When I was in second grade there were this sisters that lived a few houses down in the cul-de-sac. I lived in Abington, Maryland for 1st and 2nd grade. It was the first town where we had stayed somewhere for more than 1 year of school, so naturally I was going to stay there forever and the connections I made would last a lifetime. For 2nd grade the elementary school decided to put me in the gifted program, which didn’t really pan out in the long run. (3.2 GPA, motherfuckers.) I had made a good number of friends around the cul-de-sac. There was Older Kid, the older kid who lived across from us who was in like 5th grade and would terrorize the younger kids while convincing us he was our best friend even though he ran around in a Scream mask and told us he’d murdered our families. There was Chilean kid, a cool Chilean kid who was also terrorized and would play Mario Party with me sometimes. There was Nick down the street, who loved Power Rangers (My parents wouldn’t let me watch it at that age) and owned a Sega Genesis which was the hit of the town. There was Coral, the girl who was a prelude to my crush on Tomboys which led to my crush on Nerdy Manic Pixie Dream Girls, but the girl this story is about was Clarissa.

I think. I dunno. Let’s just assume that’s her name. I know a few Clarissa. There’s the one who knows it all, obviously. There’s the really smart, really politically active, REALLY hot Clarissa whom i went to High School with. I think this girl’s name was Clarissa too. She had a younger sister. We were in the same grade, and one day when all us cul-de-sac kids were hanging out she told us that “If you pretend you’re dead, like REALLY pretend you’re dead, your Guardian Angel will come take you to Heaven and you’ll chill for a while and see your dead relatives and then come back.” I was totally game for this. I didn’t have any relatives to visit, but angels seemed like pretty cool guys at the time. So that night I tried it. I lay in bed, eyes-tight-shut, tongue out, just like I saw on the TV. (I was a big Cartoon Network supporter back then.)

Alas, despite my extremely convincing acting nothing happened. I coughed a few times for good measure. I even said “O, I’m dead!” so they would be able to really tell I wasn’t just asleep. Nothing.

This left me with two logical conclusions:

A.) I wasn’t doing it right.

B.) God was Dead.

I talked to Clarissa about it the next day, and she said “Oh, well God must not love you or something.” and then we played Freeze Tag.

I moved from Abington after 2nd grade and moved to Manheim, PA. I don’t remember much because we only spent a year there, but I do remember one comment one kid made one day on one bus. My sister is autistic. It’s not easy having an autistic sister, especially for someone who worries as much as I do. She was walking onto the bus with me one day and I heard a kid say “Something’s wrong with her. I think it must be God’s punishment for something.” To that kid: Fuck you. Fuck you you ignorant bastard. Do I care that you were probably in like fourth grade? No. No I do not care. Go fuck yourself a hundred ways out of Tuesday.

After those, although my faith was a little shaken, Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber were always there to remind me that God loved me. However after a while, that wasn’t cutting it. I was in that deep dark time of my life between Childhood and Young Adulthood-nostalgia where my taste for things such as VeggieTales had faded, so now all I had to go by was the BORING Masses and my parents. Well, them and my Sunday School teachers. See, Confirmation was coming up. Confirmation being that thing where you swear to be Catholic forever and ever. Because 14 is the age where you should swear allegiance to something for the rest of your life. (Seriously, if the populous as a whole think kids getting married before 18 is weird, shouldn’t we give them longer to decide on their God?) Our teachers would quiz us on things such as knowing the Seven Deadly Sins, The Ten Commandments, and other mainstream things. But then they would grade us on the picky stuff like the “Beatitudes” whatever the fuck those even are. I’ve long-forgotten. The one thing that stuck was that she claimed John Lennon was evil because the song “Imagine” asked us to “Imagine there’s no Heaven.”

(Pictured Above: Evil)

Around this time I learned about this crazy thing called “Atheism”. It was this wacko idea I hadn’t heard of before with one simple idea: No Religion. Which ment not having to wake up early and get dressed on Sundays, which to a chubby little layabout like my 9th grade self sounded like the BEST THING EVER. And we got to be rebellious and talk about how we were different and it was awesome. Now obviously I didn’t tell my parents this, and I still went through with confirmation to make them happily, but what I hadn’t noticed is that my parents weren’t as fond of religion as they used to be. See, while I was developing logical thought processes, my intelligent parents were coming to the realization that the Catholic Church didn’t really represent them or what they believed in. My mother especially, who claimed that this “isn’t the Catholic Church [she] grew up with”.

A little while later, I had heard about this thing called “Agnosticism”, which is basically just skepticism on a larger scale. More of a “Anything’s Possible!” which is the same philosophy people have regarding blind dates and Science experiments, rarely turning out to be successful for either of those situations. So I decided I was that now.

Eventually it got to a point where I was one of three things depending on who was asking:

Family and/or Adults: Catholic

Close Friends (only during “real” conversations): Agnostic

Anything else: Pastafarian

I don’t dislike the idea of religion as a whole. I remember people coming up to me and trying to recrute me as an Atheist against the Christian Establishment, and flack from people who claimed Agnostics were “Pussies who aren’t brave enough to believe there is no god”. In these situations, the Christians I knew were actually much cooler to me, claiming “Well, you’re not shutting it off completely. You’re allowing yourself the ability to have faith, which is something everyone has to do at some point.”. The example I would always refer to regarding Atheists was this kid I knew from Catholic Church. He was about our age, but was mentally and physically impaired. He was in a wheelchair and what not. Chuch was his everything. God gave him hope, and the stories of the bible told him that if he was a good person, he would go to heaven and be happy. He spent his time at the Catholic Church helping out with events and helping any way he could. I would tell these asshole SuperAtheists to give their spiel to that kid. Ruin his hopes and try to hinder his belief, because he’s perpetuating this evil.

Religion itself isn’t bad, at least I don’t think so. However those in Religion with too much power, like those with more power than they deserve in all other things, corrupt it.

As for me currently: If you asked me what Religion I am I’d tell you I’m a Pastafarian. Now some will tell me “That isn’t a real religion. The dude that made it made it as a joke.” but honestly of all the religions I could choose to put my faith into, Pastafarian is reasonable, lenient, and fun. What’s the point of doing something in life like being involved in religion if it isn’t fun? 

And besides, who knows. Maybe if we all believe hard enough then we really all will go to a Heaven with a Beer Volcano and a Stripper Factory.

Questions of a Socially Awkward Man-Boy With A Crush

How do I appropriately have feelings for someone?

And like, what do you do to show them without just having an explosion of emotion?

Also, How do you tell if something is just a friend thing or if they’re actually interested in you?

Also, what do you do when you shy up around said person and aren’t able to be nearly as “oh yeah, I like you too” as you want?


My face when I don’t know the answers to these things.


Jack O’Keeffe Went to a Rally Protesting the PA School Budget Cuts, and Feels Like Talking About The Important of Fine Arts Education.

It was great. About 200-300 people were there (and only 5 or 6 really pathetic counter-protestors) and there were some AMAZING speeches.

Now, as you know I’m a Theatre Major. (Also a Comm Major, but Theatre is much more important to me, at least at this point in my life) Theatre, specifically the department at Clarion University is my life. It takes up the majority of my heart in terms of things I love right now.

When these 54% budget cuts hits, the arts are gonna be hit HARD. When placing priorities, I can’t help but feel “real education” in things like Math and Science, although they WILL be hit, won’t be hit NEARLY as hard as the arts.

See this? This is one of the entrances to my home. The Marwick-Boyd Fine Arts Building. I spend as much time here as I can. Some people go here to learn about creating paintings, sculptures, drawings, computer-based art, etc. Some people go here to learn about music, be it with their voice or an instrument. This is where I learn about the things I love, and what I can do to become better at doing what I love.

And what do I love? To people who may not understand the importance of theatre, I’m a man who goes on stage and yells things.

I see myself (and my fellow actors) as a storyteller. I help bring tales to life that (hopefully) make people examine who they are, or how they view the world around them. I help people feel. I help people become aware of types of people and lifestyles they may not have been familiar with previously. I help give people a glimpse into history. I entertain. I educate. All in my own, particular way.

Culture as a whole is as much molded by the arts as it is by maths and sciences, and if we cut opportunities for people to learn how to create where will we find ourselves?

I know I, for one, will be lost. If we lose the theatre department, I’ll have no great reason to be here (I came here specifically for its theatre department), and all of the friends and connections I’ve made thanks to theatre will dissipate. I can’t take that, and I pray the government has enough of a conscious to empathize.

To my friends out of state: Do not wait around for this to happen to you. Educate yourself on the stances of your governor and senators. Find out who you should align yourself with, and vote accordingly. Just because we’re getting these cuts doesn’t mean you won’t be next.

A voicemail I got last night.

A Few things that have been totally awesome in the last few days

1.) This freaking awesome sweatshirt I picked up at Goodwill a few weeks back. It’s so great. It’s Black (which is one of the colors I look better in, and because Simple Plan is just the only band that really GETS ME. YOU JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND. IT’S NOT A PHASE. HOT TOPIC IS MY LIFE.). It’s like SUPER warm so it’s like wearing a blanket except not a Snuggie cause those aren’t really that comfy. I also look like a total balla in it.

This is the sweatshirt, and also one of my not enough number of NPH shirts.

2.) Nice things people say when they’re intoxicated, and don’t remember which is probably for the best.

3.) The fact that Valentine’s Day isn’t really that big of a deal anymore if you don’t make it to be. It’s not like High School where it surrounds you. If you don’t look for it, you wouldn’t even notice it around Clarion.

4.) Her.


5.) Getting to watch Wit and Angels in America, which are both SO GOOD.

I watched Wit and I was all like:

Like literally, I was making audible sounds during my tears. Not like Toy Story 3 which was a series of manly, quiet, head-noddy type cries. Thank God my roomate was away this weekend cause I feel a conversation like this would’ve followed:

Jack’s Roomate: Dude, are you okay?

Jack: *sniff* No, Yeah. It’s just this movie.

JR: You’re crying at a movie?

Jack: It’s just so sad *a few quiet sobs*

JR: It’s just some lady with cancer.

Jack: BUT HER PROFESSOR CAME TO SEE HER AND SHE WAS OLD AND SHE WAS GETTING SICK AN THEN SHE SAT DOWN AND SHE WAS ALL “I’ll recite you something” AND YOU’RE ALL LIKE “Oh, she’s gonna recite some beautiful piece of poetry about death or something because the main character was an English Professor”  BUT THEN SHE STARTS READING THE RUNAWAY BUNNY AND EMMA THOMPSON IS ALL CUDDLY AND IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL AND YOU JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND!

JR: …Yeah.

But I also watched Angels in America which wasn’t as sad, but was SO BEAUTIFUL because it’s definitely the greatest miniseries of ALL TIME. I love ALL the characters and EVERY SINGLE SCENE IS AMAZING. Now some are more memorable, obviously. Some have better lines that others, but If I was handed any single scene from this and was told “you have to act in this” I would be like “OH LORD YES EVERY DAY.”

I haven’t read the plays yet, but I intend to.

Dreams are weird, man

So last night I had a ton of dreams, but I only remember like two:

One I was in a mall, walkin around. There were some iPod ripoffs in windows and stuff. Then I went into this like pharmacy-esque store and talked to this cute girl who I recognized from campus. We talked about how much she loved “Mangerine Cowboy” scented shampoo, and that we should have sex some time next month.

Then i woke up, went back to sleep, had some other dream, woke up, etc. etc.

The most recent dream I had involved some kind of mysterious antagonistic force throwing everything at me and my family trying to kill us in video games. We were walking around New Orleans and it was stormy and loud. You know that scene from Inception with the train? Imagine that but the trains are, thinner, and WAY faster. After having to pull family members out from in front of those a SUV drives up and offers to drive us to the airport. I blink, next thing you know the car is cel-shaded and falling off a cliff. We crash, and I get, and there’s a gorilla that was in the  car apparently, and my dad and my sister are hurt. I’m suddenly in this really cutesy video game. Like, very Kirby-like with clouds everywhere. I’m a fairy that looks like a pokemon and has one of those mountain horns but it’s miniature, obviously. And no one explains to me, but I know that if I beat it, everyone’s gonna be okay. So I go up to this other fairy dude and he explains to me that there’s this sun in their solar system, and he’s being kind of a bitch and that I need to get him to shut up by shooting plums at his mouth. So I go through a star door and start flying around space and shooting Plums into this suns’ mouth and eventually his health bar goes down and I win.

Just like last time, I’m suddenly another video game. Only this time it’s more action-y adventure-y. So we live in this village based primarily in caves (they have to because dragons are prone to attack anyone out in the open, except for winter). So there’s snow everywhere and it’s mine and some other people’s job to go kill this dragon. So a bunch of us start treking through the snow. Occasionally we find power-ups in the snow which make us go a little faster, and we have to kill enemies along the way. Just like, rabid snow bunnies and stuff. No big deal, you know how it is. So we get to this MASSIVE kind of hole in this mountain that has no snow, and there’s Mr. Sleepy dragon. So we go up to him because we have no idea how to kill him and some dumb piece of shit taps him on the nose. That dude gets ate like BOOM! So the rest of us are running away, and he flys after us. Eventually I notice that he’s flying with a damaged wing when he COULD be walking just as fast after us, so I decide “hey, he must hate snow!” so I get a snowball real quick and throw it at him. It hits him in the eye (CRITICAL HIT!) and he falls to the ground, where the snow starts getting at his feet. He tries to run back to his cavern, but falls into this crevass off to the side instead.

Then I’m in this hotel room, and my family’s all there, and they’re all really happy. We got chinese for dinner.

Then I ACTUALLY wake up because my roomate left the TV on all night and Pokemon was being really loud.

Freakin’ dreams, man.

Slow day.

I love the lounges at the Gemmel Student Center.

You can literally sit there for HOURS and it’s no big deal. Seriously, there’s some kids over there playing Magic: The Gathering and no one is judging them. That’s so adorable.

My roommate’s girlfriend came to visit him so I decided to pack up my laptop and spend the day chilling in the lounges.

I went to brunch first, then went to the post office in town to get a package to mail something to find out they close on Noon on Saturdays (Sorry, Meagan. I’ll get the scarf to you next week for sure.)

Then I just sat in Gemmel and watched SPvTW for like the 10th time in the past month. It’s nice watching a good movie that you’re familiar with, especially if it can still make you chuckle.

After I finished it, I finally got around to watching this show “Misfits” that everyone on the internets keeps claiming is “so good.”

Guess what guys, Misfits is !

(I love that gif WAY too much)

I’ve only seen the first few episodes, but it’s definitely worth a watch if you can get your hands on a friends’ DVD copy of Series 1. The characters are great, writing is witty, shit gets real. Joss Whedon would be so proud.

Here’s a brief summary of the episodes I’ve seen so far:

Episode 1: “Hey everybody! Let’s all listen to LCD Soundsystem and preform oral sex on Water Bottles!”

Episode 2: “Hey everybody! Let’s all accidentally have sex with old ladies!”

Episode 3: “Hey everybody! Let’s all watch each other masturbate because we’re unable to have physical contact!”

Episode 4: “Hey everybody! Let’s all go back in time and make Big Lebowski references!”

Also, it should be noted that this show has an awesome Soundtrack. Just sayin’.

That really all the eventful stuff that happened today.


One Oscar Nomination isn’t cool. You know what’s cool? A BILLION NOMINATIONS!

Let’s talk about the Oscar Nominees.

Best Picture
Black Swan 

This movie was so good. Classiest Horror Movie I’ve ever seen. Directing was outstanding, I loved that it had a very claustrophobic feel to it. The acting was brilliant by the entire cast, and I’ll talk more a bout Natalie Portman later. That scene where Portman finally dances as the Black Swan and transforms would win any and all “Best Singular Scenes” awards. This is easily the greatest psychological Thriller since Satoshi Kon’s “Perfect Blue”, which everyone who loved Black Swan should definitely watch. Yes, it’s anime, but this ain’t Sailor Moon.

My face during Black Swan:


The Fighter

I haven’t seen it. I didn’t have any interest to until it started winning things. Mark Wahlberg is okay, I don’t think I’ve seen him in much. I always think of SNL’s “Mark Wahlberg talks to Animals” sketch when someone mentions him. Also, I refuse to accept proof that Christian Bale can act. I hate Christian Bale. I hate Christian Bale so so so so so so much. Hate him. Seriously, he’s playing a crack-addicted ex-boxer turned coach? A fucking volleyball could’ve gotten an Oscar for that! (Yes, I AM still bitter Wilson didn’t win Best Supporting for Castaway.)

My Face when thinking of Christian Bale:

"Jim Carrey would’ve been so much better for American Psycho."


Such a good movie, especially for a Blockbuster Summer movie. Great cast, great effects. Christopher Nolan is one of the best filmmakers working today, and I hope this starts a trend of intelligent big budget movies. Although the whole time I kept drawing comparisons to a very similar movie, Satoshi Kon’s “Paprika”, which everyone should see. Also, if you haven’t seen Nolan’s “Memento” do that RIGHT. NOW. RIGHT NOW.

My Face when the final scene of Inception:

"Fall. Fall. Fall, you son of a bitch."

The Kids Are All Right

I’ve already talked about this movie, but I’ll do it again. Very good movie, the acting was brilliant. It’s not going to win anything but I’m glad it’s getting recognition. The only thing was for a movie that was advertised as a comedy, some serious shit goes down. Props for portraying lesbians in a relationship without the main focus being “WOAH WOAH! GIRLS? IN LOVE!?! MADNESS!!!”. 

My face when Julianne Moore’s character was (SPOILERS) being a total cuckolder:

"What the fuck are you doing, Julianne Moore? Stop being such a goddamn slut. You got a wife and kids, Julianne Moore!"

The King’s Speech

I wanna see this so bad. SO bad. You don’t even know. I love Colin Firth, and it’s nice to see Helena Bonham Carter in a role in a movie other than her crazy-ass, overrated husband’s films (none of which have been good since Big Fish and nothing will ever top Ed Wood. Although, Burton is attached to do Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Slayer. If anything can make me respect him again, it’s that.). Hopefully all this Oscar Buzz and the awards this movie is winning will bring it into a wider release.

My face when Clarion’s theater doesn’t have The King’s Speech:

"Really, Clarion? You still have Yogi Bear and Narnia but no King’s Speech? It’s fucking Oscar season. Get it together."

127 Hours

I haven’t seen this either. I don’t really have much motivation to. Danny Boyle is great, and I’m glad he won so much for Slumdog Millionaire, even though looking back it was a tad over-rated…

Hey James Franco, how good were Trainspotting and 28 Days Later?

I couldn’t resist.

Speaking of so good, James Franco is awesome and I’m glad he’s getting nominated. This was an Oscar Bait role, and he got it. Good for James Franco. Can’t wait to see him and Anne Hathaway host.

My Face when James Franco and Anne Hathaway:

(I don’t know how to make GIFs, but just imagine one of my face doing that.)

The Social Network

This is going to win. I’m fine with this, even though it’s not my first pick.. Words can not express how much I love this movie. Jesse Eisenberg nails his role as Mark Zuckerberg. He’s on a role and his career looks like nothing but greatness is ahead. The supporting cast also does wonderfully. I’m a little sad to see up-and-coming Andrew Garfield got snubbed for Best Supporting. The real star of this movie, though, is without a doubt Aaron Sorkin’s script. The dialogue is snappy, witty, and goes from funny to full of heart to “shit just got real” in seconds. It’s a wonderful movie and I’m glad it’s going to win.

My face when it was all over:

"That was so good I’m tingling."

Toy Story 3

That being said, this is the movie that should be winning Best Picture. It had everything from heart-warming nostalgia, to gripping action and dramatic plot, to knee-slappingly funny comedy (Mr. Tortilla Head, all day every day), then right back to making you cry like a little bitch who just got his lunch money taken away. I cried my eyes out at five separate moments an I loved every second of it. In fact if you didn’t cry at this, you are a soulless monster. If the original Toy Story set the standard for animated features to come, Toy Story 3 perfected the formula and ran with it.

Me during Toy Story 3:

(I couldn’t take a good still picture of me crying, so here’s the master.)

True Grit

If not THE, it’s definitely ONE OF the best westerns of all time. (It’s strongest competition is The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence. Go watch that.) If he didn’t win last year, Jeff Bridges would be a shoe-in for Best Actor (again, haven’t seen King’s Speech yet) and Hailee Steinfeld did SUCH a good job in this. Matt Damon once again proved that no one gives him enough credit for being amazing. Writing was fantastic, directing was good as always. One of the things I’ve noticed is that the Coen Brothers always have the BEST extras and actors in very minor parts. Anyone else notice that?

My face when Haliee Steinfeld is so freaking adorable:


Winter’s Bone

I was very fortunate to have friends here who know about movies. I got to watch this with a friend and it BLEW ME AWAY. This won at Sundance for a very good reason and that reason is damn it’s a good movie. Jennifer Lawrence gives a BEAST of a performance here. IMO she’s Portman’s strongest competition. This journey though a crack-ridden rural Middle America is stunning and bleek and everyone should see it.

My face when it was over:


Best Actor
Javier Bardem–Biutiful
Jeff Bridges–True Grit
Jesse Eisenberg–The Social Network
Colin Firth–The King’s Speech
James Franco–127 Hours

From the two I saw, I think Jeff Bridges and Jesse Eisenberg have equal claim. All signs point to Colin firth winning, which I’m more than okay with.

Best Actress
Annette Bening–The Kids Are All Right
Nicole Kidman–Rabbit Hole
Jennifer Lawrence–Winter’s Bone
Natalie Portman–Black Swan
Michelle Williams–Blue Valentine

As good as Annette Bening and Jennifer Lawrence were, this award is Natalie Portmans. Hands down. She nailed that role so hard the hammer broke.

Best Supporting Actor
Christian Bale–The Fighter
John Hawkes–Winter’s Bone
Jeremy Renner–The Town
Mark Ruffalo–The Kids Are All Right
Geoffrey Rush–The King’s Speech

If it was up to me, John Hawkes would win this award hands down. Hell, I’d pick just about anybody over Christian Bale. But for real, John Hawkes was so good in Winter’s Bone. (But Jack! You just said that anyone could win as a crack addict when talking about Christian Bale’s role). It’s my Tumblr, I can be as inconsistent as I want.

Best Supporting Actress
Amy Adams–The Fighter
Helena Bonham Carter–The King’s Speech
Melissa Leo–The Fighter
Hailee Steinfeld–True Grit
Jacki Weaver–Animal Kingdom

I’ve heard Melissa Leo was good, and she’s been winning, but Hailee deserves this award so much. SO much.

Also, Amy Adams should win an award just for being gorgeous.

Best Director
Darren Aronofsky–Black Swan
Joel and Ethan Coen–True Grit
David Fincher–The Social Network
Tom Hooper–The King’s Speech
David O. Russell–The Fighter

Darren Aronofsky. The Coens and Fincher are wonderful, and I love them, but Aronofsky’s work on Black Swan was the most undeniably powerful influence on art. No one else would’ve made that movie the way he did, and no one else could’ve.

Also, no nomination for Nolan? Really?

Best Original Screenplay
Another Year
The Fighter
The King’s Speech
The Kids Are All Right

IMO, it’s between The Kids Are All Right and Inception. TKAAR had great dialogue and a wonderful story, but considering you had Nolan writing Inception, I can only imagine how amazing that is as just a script.

Best Adapted Screenplay
127 Hours
The Social Network
Toy Story 3
True Grit
Winter’s Bone

This award is Sorkin’s. Hands down. The Social Network script is one of the greatest.

Best Foreign Film
Biutiful (Mexico)
Dogtooth (Greece)
Hors la Loi (Outside the Law) (Algeria)
Incendies (Canada)
In a Better World (Denmark)

Haven’t seen one of them, but I’m honestly surprised The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo didn’t get a nomination for all the buzz surrounding it. I wanna watch that sometime.

Best Animated Film

How to Train Your Dragon
The Illusionist
Toy Story 3

Even though Toy Story 3 is the obvious winner, you’ve gotta give credit to How To Train Your Dragon, which would’ve won any other year. Surprisingly good for a non-Pixar movie.

If I get the chance to see any more of the nominees, I’ll edit this maybe, or just put my new thoughts in a new post.

In a desperate attempt to be “Interactive”, who do you think has the best shot at Best Picture?

He know, he so, f in’ gifted (embodying every characteristic of the egotistic)

The High School drama club party was a lot of fun.

We all sat around and ate food, I got to catch up with people, tried to pitch the idea of going to Clarion to some of my more favorite high school friends who hadn’t decided on a college yet.

Eventually me and the other 2 alumni (Stephen and Natalie) were asked to stand in front of the class and answer questions about theater education in college.

I feel kinda bad because my attention whore tendencies kicked in and it went from “talk about college theater” to “Hey Jack! Give 50 only slightly funny stories in a row!”, but Stephen and Natalie did get some good talk and some good advice in, which is good. In all honesty, they should’ve been the only two up there because the drama club owes so much more to them than me.

I started attending drama club like 1/4 of the way through my senior year. It was right towards the end of Harvey. Meagan and I joined at the same time. Stephen was president. Natalie was Senior Representative (basically VP). The other officers I think were Taylor (Luckenbill. I dunno if I mentioned her previously), Erin (Schroeder, previously unmentioned) and Eden (Hirtzel. unmentioned previously by name, but was the girl who played Ophelia in my blog-resume).

I helped out with a lot of things for drama club. Namely the previously mentioned One-Act play. They were down an actor for a role and were all like “We need an actor!” and I was all “Umm…sup?” so they cast me. From then on I kind of just stuck around whenever the people who mattered were talking about issues and put in my two cents. I basically gave myself some kind of platform of power, and it worked. People took my suggestions, underclassmen looked up to me as they did the others even though they had little reason to.

It was easy enough to befriend most of the other members who I wasn’t initially familiar with. A large portion of the club was made up of members of the schools “scene” group. For the most part, the only problems these cause were the almost necessary drama that comes with befriending teens who shop at Hot Topic (and not just the ever-shrinking nerd section). What? He’s dating her? She cheated on him? Oh golly this is all so surprising to me! 

Although in retrospect I didn’t care too much because it was entertaining as all hell as long as it didn’t involve me. And the drama that did involve me I didn’t care much for, but I think I was more bothered by the one that was kept under the radar as opposed to the one that blew out of proportion. At least the latter was humorous. I’ll cover one of these cases tomorrow, as to spread out the substance of my posts.

I don’t regret any aspects of being in drama club aside from the occasional “Should I have been that popular? Did I steal thunder that was not intended to be mine from people who needed that thunder?”

Also the whole part where I didn’t get every hot girl in drama club to make out with me while I had the chance. That part really hits close to home.

But I’m still in town for another few weeks.

Sup, Crystal?

The King of Highschoolland.

I spent the majority of this past weekend indoors.

Friday the only time I left was to go visit my younger friends at the high school.

I’m visiting the high school again today to sit in on my drama club’s one act play rehearsal.

Tomorrow I’m stopping by for the drama club’s Winter Holiday party (I think most of the focus is 80% Christmas, 10% Yule, 10% “Yeah whatever, just gimmie a cookie)

Does that make me pathetic that I’ve gotten back and my social life is dependent on my own high school?

I don’t think it does, but I also think it might.

Apparently I’m something of a legend in my high school.

I spent a lot of my last two years at high school mastering the art of being an attention whore. It helped that I was a major anchor on our school’s morning show. I would always try to have fun with it and make jokes and what not. Some people liked it, others didn’t care much for it.

But when I waited outside the school on Friday to meet some of my other BFF’s, a bunch of people saw me and were ecstatic, including some dude I’d never seen before, and even my ex-girlfriend! (The lesbian).

The only person who wasn’t happy to see me was the girl I asked to prom over the announcements, but that’s another story.

So I guess it’s not THAT pathetic. I mean, I’m less than a year post-high school graduate.

My BFF is stuck in London until Tuesday and won’t get back to America until around 10 PM at that.

I can’t wait to see her again.

I got her a Christmas present on eBay, but it accidentally shipped to my college address, so it’ll be late, but I hope she likes is.

Before I go to the high school, I’m stopping by my favorite bookstore. 

Aaron’s Books in Lititz, PA. IT’s a nice little independent bookstore owned and managed by some of the nicest people you ever did meet. I spent my Junior-Senior summer helping out. Doing inventory and whatnot. I still visit every now and then and help out in exchange for books or book discounts.

It’s the best. You should go there.

"They wrapped your fists in silver/
They took your crown/
As they washed your bloody fingers and hands/
Into a tight straightjacket, small padded cell/
screaming “I’m the Queen of High School Land!”/
At least in your head.” 

-The Ballad of Sara Berry, by Ryan Scott Oliver